About us

Chikurin(RMCC,Radioactivity Monitoring Center for Citizen)

・is co-managed laboratory to monitor and analyze radioactivity pollution by environmental organizations and abandoning nuclear power organizations.

・supports civic activities like radioactivity measuring centers by the citizens through  high precision measuring and analyzing.

・accepts measuring requests from a wide range of organizations and individuals  among the above purpose.

・opens measuring outcomes and reports based on it to the public.

・conducts investigation,research,course and seminar about the danger of low  dose radiation exposure.


The donation of Ge semiconductor detector from ACRO

A part of expenses of Ge semiconductor detector is from the grant of “Ile de France”.




・Office:  Chikurin-Sya 7444 Ooguno Hinode-machi Nishitama-gun Tokyo 190-0181 Japan

・Laboratory: Chikurin-Sya 7444 Ooguno Hinode-machi Nishitama-gun Tokyo 190-0181 Japan

・contact:TEL: 042-519-9378 (+8142-519-9378)

                FAX:042-519-9378 (+8142-519-9378)


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