Radioactivity pollution caused by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster will last for a long time extensively.In Japan that has a large population in its limited area and the economy and distribution network are developed,it is suspected that the consequence of this disaster is distinct from the Chernobyl and causes unimaginable effect.

We think that the responsibility of our generation that couldn’t prevent this disaster is to keep abundant natural environment,to save children from radiation exposure and to ensure their health.Under these circumstances,the necessity of monitoring and investigating institution managed by the citizens who are independent of the government will get higher.

This time,we received the donation of Germanium semiconductor detector from ACRO,NGO measuring radioactivity and editing a quarterly review in French and founded Radioactivity Monitoring Center for Citizen,RMCC called Chikurin-Sha,Bamboo grove house in Japanese(located in beautiful bamboo grove).We manage this center to protect environment and health from long term radioactivity pollution by a wide range of citizens’ organizations and individuals.
(28th Oct.2012 in founding general meeting)

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